Sports & Games

To cater to the physical development of the student the school offers effective training to maintain physical fitness through sports & games facilities-both indoor and outdoor. Training is also imparted in martial arts such as Karate and Judo. Students are given orientation in Yoga and Meditation for the upkeep of the physicial and emotional fitness. Mass activities such as Aerobics and Callisthenics are also provided.

Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are carried by dividing the students in to 5 Houses – namely Gandhi, Nehru, Nethaji, Patel & Tagore. Besides, there are club activities under the banner Nature Club, Science Club, Maths Club. Social Science Club, Sports Club, Literary Club, Arts Club and Cookery Club. Agricultual activities are carried out by students of Nature Club in collaboration with State Agricultural Department.


Comprehensive and methodical evaluation of the progress of the student in academic performance is done regularly. Based on the feedback adequate remedial teaching is carried out.


A professional counsellor identifies and offers solutions to juvenile and adolescent problems faced by the student.