Annual Reports

  • Year 1990-2000
    Sree Sabarigiri Central School under the patronage of Nooranadu Sabarigiri Charitable Trust was initiated with an objective to uplift the children who are financially and socially challenged in our society. Sabarigiri’s motto is to widen the horizons of English education to this generation thus leading to the betterment of their Quality of life and creating a global competent citizen. This school was located in PARA junction operating in a building under leader contract and had strength of 39 students.
      Inauguration: 12.05.1999 at 9.45 a.m
      Inaugurated by: Smt.Naaniamma, mother of the president of the respected trust, Sri.R.Prasad conducted the lamp lighting ceremony.
      Presided by: School Principal.
      The primary Principal: Sri.K.B. Bhaskara Pillai, M.A,M.Ed (Rtd.Army School teacher)
      Primary Administrator: Sri.T.G.Vijayan, B.A, B.Ed (Rtd Asst.Director ,DPI,TVM)
      Starting classes: L.K.G, U.K.G, Ist to Vth
      An advisory committee was formed under the directorship of the school chairman Sri.R.Prasad for the appraisal of learning progress and to control the multifaceted activities of the school.
      Members: Sri.R.Prasad-Chairman Sri.K.B. Bhaskara Pillai M.A, M.Ed (Rtd. Army School Teacher)
    Sri.T.G.Vijayan, B.A, B.Ed. (Rtd. Asst. Director, DPI, TVM)
    Sri.K.Sukumaran.B.Com.(Rtd Forest Ranger)
      The school’s first PTA General body meeting was conducted on 15.06.1999.
      The School shifted to its own premises in the month of December, 1999.
      The school celebrated its first annual day on 25.02.2000.
  • Year 2000-2001
      Classes from Ist standards to 4th standards and the 6th standards were initialized is the academic year 2000-2001
      Anglo Indian teaching faculty was appointed to target mainly on increasing the English Fluency among the students.
      By acknowledging the ever increasing significance of the I.T zone is day to day life, a computer lab was established under the surveillance of our distinguished Chairman.
      An exhausting library which boasts a variety collection of 500 plus books was also initialized this year.
      The annual sports meet and the 2nd Annual day celebrations were conducted in the months of September, 2000 & February 2001 respectively.
  • Year 2001-2002
      On May 2nd, 2001, classes from L.K.G to 4th standard were begun
      Efforts to achieve Kerala NOC were stated with an aim to obtain affiliation for the school.
      The Annual sports meet and a 3day Navarathri celebration programme were conducted in the month of October.
      The Mavelikara DEO & Alapuzha Do made an inspection of the school and gave recommendation for the school’s NOC
      The annual day celebration was also conducted in the months of January.
  • Year 2002-2003
      Standard 8th std began on May 5th, 2002.
      An additional purchase of 1000 books covering different areas of education was done to refurbish our sumptuous library.
      Kerala Govt. NOC for the School was released on 06.09.2002

    Social Propaganda
      The first Medical camp for the children was organized with Dr.Sashidharan as the torch bearer
      Captn.C.N Vijayan took charge as the new administrator on Dec.5th
      The school’s activities were shifted to its new quarters on Feb.14th .The honorable labour Minister Sri.Babu Divakaran inaugurated the new school building and the modernized computer lab, science labs and sports ground. Distinguished author Sri Kadammanitta Vasudevan,MLA Sri. K.K. Shaju participated in the function.
  • Year 2003-2004
      Modernization of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & maths labs.
      The multimedia theatre &labs started with an aim to in cooperated visual media in the syllabus, was inaugurated by Sri.Kuttappa Swami.
      More sports materials were included to ensure the general improvement of the sportsmanship.
      Counseling sessions for students which stated from 2003 onwards for regulating the mental stress & tension of the students has been going on in full swing every year.
      Formation of the school’s new management committee
    1.M.R.Prasad - President (chairman,Sree Sabari)
    2.Fr.M.T.Thomas,M.A,M.Ed, M.Ed-Secretary (Principal,Sree Sabari)
    3.Mr.Rajendran Kaimal (Principal,Kendriya Vidyalaya,Adoor)
    4.Sri.T.G.Vijayan (rtd.Asst.Director,DPI)
    5.Mr.P.Gopinathan Nair (Rtd. Panchayath secretary)
    6.Dr.K.K.Gopala Krishnan(Rtd.Education Officer,SCERT)

    7.Mrs.Valsala Kumari M.A., B.Ed.
    8.Mrs.Prasanna Kumari M.A, M.A., B.Ed.

    9.Mr.Radhakrishnan Unnithan.(Former HOD of Mathematics,Chinmaya mission College,Thrissur)
    10.Sr.Unma Mohan ( Editor Unma Publications)
    11.Adv.Rasheed(High court)
    12.Dr.Meera Manoj(Pediatrician)
      In January 2004, the school received affiliation Sri.Kadavoor Sivadasan conducted the official declaration.